Ash on Letterman

Yes, the one and only Aishwarya Rai was on the late show with David Letterman. And man she looked as good as ever. I saw a small clip of the show (doing the rounds on the NTU network) and its quite enjoyable. Miss Rai tries her best to appeal to the American audience by acting like a dumb blonde but cant keep it up for long much like her films. There are a few fun bits

Letterman: So, you live with your parents?
Ash: Yeah
Letterman: Tell me, is it normal for older kids to live with their parents in India?
Ash: Yeah, its fine to live with your parents. Thats because we dont believe in taking appointments to meet our parents for dinner.

Letterman(modelling question): So were you picked up (as in spotted for modelling talent)as a young girl?
Ash: Ye(stops midway) gives The Look

Another bit(talking about Ash’s career in films and how she got there)
(Awkward pause)
Ash: So, how did you get to doing this?
Letterman: Well, the other guy was sick one day
Ash (cuts him off and says): and you were smooth and…


4 thoughts on “Ash on Letterman”

  1. Yeah, from an Indian point of view, it was an awesome interview. The way she passes the ‘In India, we also do not need to make appointments to have dinner with our parents’ comment was extremely tongue-in-cheek. Simply brilliant! 🙂

    For those not on NTU campus, you can find the interview here.

  2. I dont think Ash has got much up thr though :S so she is pretty dumb (no need for any pretending).
    She cant act for nuts.

  3. She’s okay lah. I think just her being there in the movie is enough to draw people to watch it. And her acting has improved a lot since her first few movies.

  4. I’ll give you this much (and I’m a big Aish fan) that her acting is reasonably below that of some of her contemporaries. But then again, there are plenty of such ‘poor actresses’ around that sometimes its almost unfair at the amount of crap thats thrown at her acting.

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