Google’s take on FAQ’s\

This is Google’s FAQ page for their new drink – Googlegulp. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of this!


3 thoughts on “Google’s take on FAQ’s”

  1. Yeah an amazing piece of work 🙂 I read it this afternoon. I also liked their ‘Ursa Major’ chemical structure. (Read the history of Google Gulp here. It gives you the background of ‘Ursa Major’)
    Amazing way to embed Google in a DNA structure 😀
    If only biology had been that simple. *sigh*

  2. Yeah. Did any of you guys sign into gmail on April 1st? They said that we would have “infinity + 1” space. At the end there was a line saying “Okay, we’re joking. Not infinity really. But we do what we can.” And coolly doubled the space we have.

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