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Asian Universities Debating Championships

June 10, 2005

As with every debating tournament, this shall be reviewed as well.

The Good

1) Breaking Second as NTU B with a win loss tally of 6-1

2) Living up to the break and reaching the Grand Finals

3) Receiving my first best speaker award for the Grand Finals, beating Jess Lopez – best speaker at this tournament and the previous Asians

4) Beating UPD A (undefeated filipino national champions, worlds 2005 quarter finalists) twice, in the 7th round and in the Octo Finals

5) Most amazing tab system with fairest adjudication received

The Bad

1) No rest days for the tournament which meant no sleep and minimum celebration

2) Nervous breakdowns after each break round

The Ugly

1) Losing the Grand Finals to Ateneo A on a split decision 5-2

2) Losing Round 3 by a narrow margin to IIU – B

3) Lugging 30-40kg suitcases up 7 floors in my job capacity as Hall representative for the tournament


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  1. Lehmunade permalink

    Good one. Congrats again!

  2. len permalink

    i found your blog! haha

  3. sushil permalink

    ooh! My secret has been revealed? 😉

  4. len permalink

    haha was it even really a secret! i’ll link you up!

  5. sushil permalink

    hehe, yeah it aint a secret at all. been blogging on and off for the past year. ill link you up too

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