Batman Begins: A review

Caught the sneak preview at JP yesterday. Its probably the best of the batman movies and by far the one thats true to the comic book (or so im told). The basic plot has issues though. It tries to make a fantasy seem real. I mean Batman is, for all practical purposes a fantasy. So when they talk about microwave whatevers which can vaporise all water and amazing fibre which can make batman fly, it seems far fetched. I would rather they just make it fantasy, dont try and explain the batmobile or any of the other things. The league of shadows was also another interesting aspect. A mysterious force of a few men that destroys cities once they are corrupt and full of crime is again slightly hard to take in.

The movie is entertaining though. Its got the basic elements and if youre a DC comics fan then the movie is a must watch. Christian Bale is a good actor and does justice to his role. Katie Holmes is a token love interest and doesnt do much in the film. Alfred, played by Michael Caine also turns in an impressive performance. So overall, not a bad movie to watch but if you dont have the cash you wouldnt be missing much.


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