The End of IA

And its over! Finally. The five and a half month internship. No need to wake up at 7am everyday. No need to make an hour and 15 minute journey to Novena. No need to stare at the green tiles of the Novena mrt station and wonder why on earth would someone put green tiles on an mrt station.
I’ll miss the coffee and curry puff from Hans though. After a while i just had to walk in there and my breakfast would be handed to me with cries of Good morning and huge smiles. It pays to be a regular customer.
Anyway, heres to two weeks of freedom before the australs!


11 thoughts on “The End of IA”

  1. Hey

    Len: thanks! arent you coming to brisbane too?

    Ak: only 2 weeks da! surely, even JP Morgan allows you to take that much time off to go back home?

  2. Len: noooo! we want you judging. cmon, dont you need to give back to the australs community too? any other atenean judges coming?

  3. eya sushil! well bobby and steph are going to be around so there’ll still be a couple of atenean judges running around =) i really wanted to go but oh well. ak. maybe next year!

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