Sonia Faleiro, India’s most stupid and Amit Verma

Click here for a hilarious story http://soniafaleiro.blogspot.com/2005/06/indias-most-stupid.html. Now you know that grass is easily available in Bangalore.

Turns out Sonia Faleiro is a well known Indian journalist. She writes for the Indian Express and interviews quite a few of India’s best and the worst. Check out her blog “Colour of Water”.

Another addition to the blog list is “India Uncut” by Amit Verma. I vaguely recall the name (hmm, mebbe from his columns in Cricinfo) and his blog too has some excellent writing.


14 thoughts on “Sonia Faleiro, India’s most stupid and Amit Verma”

  1. hey Venkat,

    Exactly what i did this afternoon. Amit Verma, Sonia Faleiro and a bit of Becker Posner. I’m out of action (read: no debating) for a bit because I’m ill. Oh btw you’re right the globalisation debate you saw us in was an implementation of stiglitz’s ideas. Have you read his book “globalisation and its discontents”?

  2. Yep, that’s what I was talking about! If you are interested, you can take a look at The Economist’s Voice, co-editored by Stiglitz. Its a non-technical online journal, which means there’s no arcane jargon, but its good stuff.

  3. Whoa, the economist’s voice has some heavyweights. Krugman, Stiglitz, Becker, Posner are some of the people i recognise.
    Btw, what exactly is the tradition in NTU B and how did it start with you?

  4. well,it started at the australs at NTU. I was initially in the B team, was bumped down because I went home for vacation :).

    Later, in the inter-tertiaries, was in B along with Ravi and NMK. We managed to win that and beat LKY’s grandson in the finals! Then went to Asian’s, Ravi went into the A team, and I was in B with Siok Hwee and NMK. Broke there, had an awesome debate in the octos, but the bloody adjudicator screwed us over royally. Finally (for me at least), at the Australs, that very year, Amod, NMK and Siok Hwee went as the A team, and upon my insistence, Hui Chieh, Ravi and I went as B. Broke 9th there. Finally, at the Worlds, it looked like Ravi and I would go as the A team (I finally attained the dizzying heights of the A team only at the fag end of my debating experience), and somehow, I cdn’t make it there.
    So there you have it- The complete, sordid tale. Phew.. 🙂

  5. Hehe, I now understand the legacy of the ‘B’ team. For a sordid tale it has quite a few great achievements.B has been the highest ranked NTU team I have been in yet. Rk asked us if we wanted to be Team A at Australs because of Asians performance. But we decided to stick with B. Incidentally, we faced Team A in the 5th round of Asians and beat them.
    Who did you face in the Octos of the Australs?

  6. Hey Aye Kay

    debating is like a disease. You start off thinking yeah, you can keep your distance but then it completely takes you over. Only the extremely resilient can weather its force:D

  7. Sushil where there’s a will, there’s a way :p You can fight any ‘disease’. There are cures and there are vaccinations :p Trust me… with my room-mate of 4 years, I’ve mastered all the tricks in the book 😉

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