In Brisbane!

Been here for a day already. Nice city, seems more like a town. You can call me on my mobile at 0061-415867459. Debates start on monday so we’re having fun doing touristy things. Today we are off to the Sunshine Coast.


7 thoughts on “In Brisbane!”

  1. sushil! 🙂 goodluck to your team and the rest of NTU, ayt? 🙂 *bighugz* we’re supporting you all the way 😀

    if you ever see some kangaroos/koalas/sloths/wallabies please take a picture!! please, please. then send it to me 🙂 heehee.

    take care! and as you guys say it “best of luck!” 🙂 — Estelle & the rest of DLSU

  2. Hey
    Brisbane is a nice place..I spent my one day there simply walking…
    Walked for about 7 hours all over the city

  3. Hokay, thanks to the fact that i am now blogging I can ask you to Get A Move On And Please Start Blogging Again.

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