Brisbane Australs ’05 – A Review

After a lot of insinuations that I’ve been lazing around at home, here’s a post reviewing that Australs. This was a tournament that I had been waiting for. And of course I fell extremely sick before it. But alls well that ends well and I was in Brisbane (apparently, colder climate in Australia cures pneumonia).

The Good
1) Well, turns out there wasnt much good in the tournament afterall, debating wise atleast. We did go to Australia on an all expenses paid trip.
2) Chewie and Shaun staying just 2 floors above. (interpret as: Amazing company and good food all the time)
3) Australian fresh strawberries, Yum!
4) Australian aboriginal art – didgeridoos, paintings, boomerangs et all.

The Bad
1) Food – I’m amazed by the amount of bread Australians eat. (People at the tournament will remember me going “I want rice!”)

The Ugly
1) Pathetic Adjudication
2) Did i mention the pathetic Adjudication?
3) We didn’t break (Result of numbers 1 & 2)

The Australs “experience” was overhyped to me. I got the impression that a break and a good showing there is something to be proud of both as a team and as a speaker. But it isn’t I think (Ofcourse this can be dismissed as sour grapes, but I hope people don’t do that). Its a bunch of quite mediocre teams with dodgy claims to fame. A handful of teams and adjudicators are definitely very good but the overall standard of this particular tournament atleast was apalling. I would take the Asians anytime.

This obviously means that I will try and come back to the Australs next year and make sure that I break and beat the mediocre teams even with the pathetic adjudication.


26 thoughts on “Brisbane Australs ’05 – A Review”

  1. “This obviously means that I will try and come back to the Australs next year and make sure that I break and beat the mediocre teams even with the pathetic adjudication.”
    Thats a real nice attitude. wtg.

  2. No other attitude left to take no? It helps that next australs is in new zealand also. 😀
    I think I would also like to come back as an adjudicator. A pathetic one. Nice immunity then for bad and biased decisions no?

  3. Morbid ah? How? I just want to give back to the Australs community as an adjudicator – repay in kind basically. 🙂
    Thats the reason why most good debaters come back to judge. It works for me!

  4. Hey, Nico here. Remember me? UPD A’s whip.

    I heard stories of how bad Australs was. Who were you teamed up with? Who were on NTU’s other team and how did they do?

  5. Hey Nicolo

    Ofcourse I remember you – i was wondering why you guys were not there. My team was the same as the one at AUDC . The other NTU team broke and reached the quarters to be beaten by MMU A who were then beaten by Ateneo in the semis.

  6. Dont say I’ll take Asians any time. Say “I’ll take AUDC anytime” hmmphh. You want the ASIANS DCA’s to adjudicate any of your rounds????????

  7. heya sushil! gak, too bad you had a crap australs–but am sure it was just a fluke this time, and you’ll do better in your next one. take care! =)

  8. Anonymous: You’re right. I’ll take AUDC anyday.

    Len: Hey! mebbe you should have come. We needed just one decent adjudicator to be able to break! 😀 But anyway, what are you upto these days?

  9. eya sushil! haha, yeah! damn, could have helped you guys win! next year maybe =) still bumming, but i’m doing some work for a german political foundation here because they want to organize a conference in november. then will head to seoul for the ADI in 2 weeks! what are you up to? back in ntu or vacationing still?

  10. Hey Len!

    Yup, this way I get to blame you for the bad performance at Australs! :d

    Is this the German foundation which sponsors ADS? And Seoul eh? Sounds funky!

  11. Hey Babe!

    Kick ass at the next Australs babe. I agree with the Australs hype – I would also take the Asians style of debating (maybe with 8 minutes + POI) anytime. Australs sometimes put me to sleep *yawn*

    And dont fret about bad adjudicators – they cant be helped. You’ll always be our Top Boy 😉

    – Lehmunade

  12. ehhh, i like bread ><
    well, we had some other interesting bits to the trip, eating as a team, dancing as a team (opening night), drinking as a team (incl. ishita), travelling as a team (to Gold Coast) and well, playing as a team (trivial pursuit, mafia)….hahahaha
    unfortunately, wont be really saying that the debating was the highlight of the trip…though i wish it were.
    POO @ bad adj.s !

  13. Hey

    Lehmunade: How about we give the next australs a shot with NMK? We will surely break then. If we don’t we can blame it on him :D.

    Savoirefaire: Yeah, trivial pursuit and mafia were good fun!

  14. Hey Sushil,

    How did u like Brisbane..lovely city to simply walk ard town…if u managed to have the time for tt.. 🙂

  15. heya sushil!

    haha no fair blaming me! =p but yup, i’m working for the german foundation that sponsors the ads–it’s ok so far, and the pay’s really good for what i do (w/c isn’t really much haha). i get to go to seoul bec. of jason jarvis’ ADI program thing, so yup, pretty funky =)

    hope you’re doing great!

    len =)

  16. Hey

    Angelsera: Yeah, we ended up spending a ton of money in the first 3 days in Brisbane. So we walked pretty much everywhere. Very nice city? Did you visit the Gabba btw?

    Len: Cool Stuff! Wish I was also coming to Manila in November. Leloy asked me to come and DCA the high school tournament but its bang in between my exams. Have a great time in Seoul though!

  17. oh crap! yeah i heard about that! too bad, it would have been great having you around for the tourney =/ thanks thanks!

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