Cricket commentary

I’ve been fortunate enough to watch most matches of the recent Indo-Pak cricket series and the quality of the commentary has been apalling. Commentators today not only resort to pathetic cliches to describe the proceedings but quite a few of them can’t even construct an English sentence. People like Waqar Younis (no questioning his skill as a cricketer) need truckloads of help with simple English pronounciation. “Thats an excellent shot” becomes “Thats an aiixcellent shot” with excellent being repeated several times over. Rameez Raja and Arun Lal are better but still leave a lot to be desired. They specialise in stating the obvious and their commentary is spattered with oodles of cricketing cliches. “When Afridi hits it, it stays hit”, “That went like a tracer buller to the boundary”.

Whatever happened to the days of Harsha Bhogle and Geoff Boycott? Even Navjot Sidhu is better compared to these buffoons. You don’t need keen cricketing acumen (it helps, though) to commentate. An ability to speak English well is good enough.


5 thoughts on “Cricket commentary”

  1. you forgot to mention Siva :-p who thinks tat simply speaking with an accent means good commentary. I wish ESPN-Star Sports gets more contracts – Sunil Gavaskar, Harsha Bhogle and the likes are contracted with ESS. The only guy who is doing anything decent in this series is Michael Holding.

  2. They should follow the established US pro sports style for commentary. There are 2 guys: a play by play guy who essentially
    describes the action on the field, and a color guy, who provides the “color”, ie. strengths and weaknesses of players, shot selection and all that.
    The color guy is almost always an ex-player (I’ve never seen a non-player do it), but
    the p-by-p could be a general guy who knows some of the sport, and is a good public speaker etc.
    Thus a team of Harsha (p-by-p) and Gavaskar (color) should in theory work
    better than Boycott and Gavaskar.
    – saurabh

  3. saurabh – agree with you. though i think harsh could provide colour probably as well if not better than the play by play you suggest.

    getafix: 😀

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