My top 5 jobs

The jobhunt’s almost complete; There is just a month left to get through what will hopefully be my last set of exams for a while..So here are the top 5 places/positions I want to work.

5. Pilot, Indian air force
This is a boyhood special. Almost every guy I know wanted to be a pilot as a kid. This career was cut short when it was discovered that I needed glasses. No 6/6. I like the idea of working in the armed forces though. Its a life of honour where most people in Indian society respect you. Booze at subsidized rates from their canteens is the icing on the cake.

4. Business Analyst, Shell Gas and Power (LNG)
A job that was mine for about 5 minutes until it was cruelly taken away. The energy industry fascinates me, the LNG business is about to take off, I’m really impressed with Shell as a company.

3. Op-Ed Writer/ Cricket Columnist
I don’t know how well this pays but I sure like it. It would be great to be writing a daily column commenting on daily news or events. It would probably be better to comment on cricketing news – who won, who lost, who capitulated, who sucked. (Sorry, still reeling from India’s defeat to England).

2. Lawyer
I’m not sure what kind of lawyer since I’m more interested in social policy. This sort of stuff falls more into the domain of politician I think. It would be great to understand and evaluate a society’s ideals and frame laws based on this. Is this really lawyering? I’d love to study for a law degree though.

1. Starbucks Store Manager/ Store planner
Love Coffee. Love the Starbucks service. Love the Starbucks brand. This job would be brilliant. Imagine working in a place that has the wonderful aroma of coffee all the time.


7 thoughts on “My top 5 jobs”

  1. >Love the Starbucks service.

    I know! I especially liked them after hearing that they welcomed the idea of more coffee shops instead of patenting it.

  2. You know you can get coffee aroma thingies – those ones you plug into power outlets. Most of the coffee shops use them.

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