AUDC Debrief

So, its finally over. The anticipation, the excitement and the nervousness. How would my last competitive debating tournament for NTU be? Apparently, there is no straight answer. I have to say that its the best trip I have ever been on though.

Lets start off with the good shall we?

– James’ house, yellow and purple walls
– Pastries in the car from Clark to Manila, they were awesome
– Roller blading with James’ brother (and not landing on my ass even once!)
– Yves and his pekpek shorts
– Pancake house, truly the best taco in town and they serve some mean waffles as well
– Dairy Queen’s Tropical mango fruit passion milkshake – to die for
– Lazy boy (remember joey and chandler’s arm chairs in Friends?) theatres, so wish I could have seen a movie in one!
– San Miguel beer – almost up there with Erdinger and Rugenbrau
– The city of Intramuros, beautiful and ancient
– UST, absolutely loved the view from the top of the sports podium
– Ginataang lang ka and veggie filipino dishes


– Don’t ever call iced-tea a “chick drink”. It’s the unofficial national drink of the Philippines and you will never hear the end of it.
– Don’t sing at a karaoke bar if you are a sucky singer. You could get killed. (not that it stops the filipinos)
– Don’t ever tell a bunch of girls that you will kick their ass at arcade games. Women play arcade games in the Philippines and you will end up embarassing yourself.

Debating stuff

– Breaking as NTU B. 10th place was not too bad for a team without Baldie, our inspirational captain and team mate last year
– Better ofcourse was meeting NTU A in the octos. Wishing I had broken anywhere except 10th so that I would not have met them
– Losing my last competitive debate for NTU to NTU A. Absolutely hated that.
– Apparently I was best speaker of the debate against NTU A. Consolation prize is a bitch
– Becoming CA for the next AUDC
– Debating with Aqilah – the most committed and sincere debater I have seen after NMK. I hope she achieves greatness one day
– Doing wonderful debates against UPM B and Ateneo B. Lost both rounds but they were the ones I enjoyed the most.
– Chrys a.k.a Bogit’s speech during the 4th round of AUDC (UPM B), truly great speech
– Reply speeches. I love ‘em.
– Getting an average of above 76 for the tournament.
– Watching PUT A, Bobby, Carl and Franco give some amazing speeches during the UST IV’s


9 thoughts on “AUDC Debrief”

  1. “Don’t ever tell a bunch of girls that you will kick their ass at arcade games. Women play arcade games in the Philippines and you will end up embarassing yourself.”

    – Amen. 🙂

  2. Hey growing boy — looks like majority of the good things that happened to you in Manila is related to food. I’ll see you in Manchester ;p

  3. Hey Neeks (Damn, I need a nickname for you!) Yeah, food is to live and die for. As for Manchester, I’m hoping and praying that my company sends me to London. Around Oxbridge :P. We really should have debated Puta @ UST. Damn Mahar.

  4. Cyris: ofcourse its a good thing. His outfits were of great interest to the ntu squad. And i must say he scandalized quite a few people. 😀

    Nico: I also know tangamo, tanginamo , puta and a few other words. 😀

  5. hey, i am glad you liked my “pekpek” shorts, as you fondly call it.

    this is the most humble narcississt you have ever met. admit it.


  6. haha, no way yves. anyway me admitting it doesnt mean anything to you does it? since you are the only person who exists in your universe.

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