In permanent debating withdrawal

I need to debate! How stupid was I to pull out of Australs this time? Damn.


6 thoughts on “In permanent debating withdrawal”

  1. I wish I was at Australs too…the transvestite former prostitute MP in the Test Debate would’ve been a hoot.

    And of course, my debaters need the tune-up so they don’t keep losing to transplanted Indians in Singapore. XP

  2. Haha :). It does sound like a lot of fun. I’m wondering whether judging is going to be fun for me or if i’m just gonna be “Damn, I really wish I was speaking in this debate.”

    And for the record, you are one of my debating idols from those debates.

  3. Adjudicating is a lot of both…appreciating a brilliant debate and wishing you were in it go hand-in-hand. I think you’ll do a great job. Hoping I’ll be able to catch the Bandung AUDC.

    And that’s truly high praise coming from you, Sushil. Thanks. If not Australs, maybe we’ll see each other at Worlds?

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