India Win!

India win the test series 1-0 in the West Indies! Finally, I get to see us win an overseas test match and test series!

Rahul Dravid – Man of the match, man of the series, captain, batsman, slip fielder and The Wall. Kudos!

Anil Kumble – who never ceases to amaze me with his commitment, grit and determination. He is always a winner.

Brian Lara – sore loser, complainer, whiner. Biggest Disappointment of the Series.


8 thoughts on “India Win!”

  1. For some reason, I’ve never met anyone else passionate about cricket besides Indians. RK explained it to me, it’s a nice game and all but I just don’t get the subcontinental fixation with the game.

  2. Haha, its almost a religion to us. I stayed up watching cricket for about 8 hours (11pm to 7am) on 4 seperate occasions looking for an indian win and it finally came a coupla days ago.

    Man, does it rock.

    And the filipinos don’t seem to like any sport except basketball. There has to be something wrong there.

  3. We like lots of sports! Joel and I have been up watching World Cup the whole month, and most of us watch tennis and boxing too. But cricket is just asking too much. Do Indians do any other sports?

  4. Well, its difficult to generalize coz people from different regions seem to like different sports. Some guys are football crazy, some basketball crazy while tennis does it for some others.

    Did you see Italy kicking Germany’s ass yesterday? It was sweet.

  5. Auggh. Yes. Germany was my team. Guess I have to rely on Zidane now to kick Italy’s ass in the finals (here’s hoping they beat Portugal a couple of hours from now).

  6. Argentina was my team so am totally anti-Germany after they beat Arg. Am anti-France as well coz they beat Spain. I’m rooting for Italy now – really liked their play against the Germans.

  7. I have no qualms about the Azzuri but I’m rooting for Zidane and Co. Even if they did beat Spain, my other favorite team in the tournament.

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