Toby Ziegler rocks!

I love Toby Ziegler from the West Wing!

Dialogue: “What will Egypt think, what will Pakistan?” (on a speech by the US president going against Islamic fanaticism)

Reply: “That freedom and democracy is coming to a theatre near them, so get dressed”


Another cool dialogue: “I dont remember having to explain to the Italians that our problem was with Mussolini, not with them. Why does the US have to take out every Islamic country for an ice-cream cone?”

Go Toby!


4 thoughts on “Toby Ziegler rocks!”

  1. hey sushil, it’s allan from ateneo. i have an lj, it’s http://residentofpluto.livejournal.com, add me dude.

    i like that show too, i’ve watched a number of episodes, but i can only take so much of it at a time. geopolitics has a way of giving me headaches after prolonged exposure, even the dramatized, metaphorical west wing version.

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