“Grease” banned from high school because of indecency


When i read this article, i thought “You have got to be kidding me”, but it turns out its true. People in the small bible belt town of Fulton, Missouri objected to the immorality and the indecency that the high school play displayed. This is because a girl was wearing just a pajama top rather than a more modest nightgown. There were also scenes of kissing and kids drinking alcohol apparently.

I seriously can’t believe it. Whats happening to the world? This is a high school play! I can fathom that parents might not want their kids to take part in plays that show kissing, drinking etc. – even thats being pretty conservative. But to take offense at this is absolute BS. Its okay if its done by Hollywood but not by a high school play? Whats the link? Isn’t it the same kind of offense irrespective of who does it?

And why is it offensive? Isn’t it simply showing what teenagers and high school kids do? Or is the depiction in O.C and every other American teenage/ high school show wrong? Kids seem to be drinking, smoking, having sex, doing dope – the works. So the rest of society just doesn’t want it to be in their face? Out of sight, out of mind eh? These people don’t give a crap that kids in their society are genuinely picking up bad habits and screwing up but see that in a show and its offensive. And the show actually “softened” language to suit the audience.

Art ruffles feathers. You have shows like Bodyworlds, nude paintings and statues and a gazillion movies and plays that are offensive to different types of people. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

PS: I got the lead from the show “Studio 60”. Its a must watch and they seem to use real data.


1 thought on ““Grease” banned from high school because of indecency”

  1. Studio 60 is just barely watchable; even though the pilot was really good the show fizzles out to just “more of the same” and isn’t nearly as controversial as the pilot promises. Bloody cautious network execs.

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