Saturday Night Live

@BFD’s in Longbeach, ECP. A night of pure, unadulterated fun. Few guys, a live band, a pool table and lots of beer. Its been a while since I have had such a perfect Sat night. We first went to a turkish place called Kebab Station, very good food with some nice waiters. It was really crowded and the food took a while so when we asked what was happening, the waited replied that the food was coming tomorrow. 😀 For the veggies, there is some choice as well and the food is very reasonably priced around a pretty hep ecp location.

We went to BFD’s after that and the live band there is great. The female lead was the highpoint, ripping songs like November Rain with some class and there were songs like Volare (Gypsy Kings), Dancing Queen (Abba), Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams) and Angie (Rolling Stones). We had a ball playing pool as well, all of us were around the same level (scratching the surface of mediocrity that is). In the end, we were dancing for wins, breaking glasses and creating quite the ruckus.

As I said, pure, unadulterated fun.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Live”

  1. BFD band is truly awesome. you should get them to play cocaine some day, they are amazing. the DJ was sweet enough to play Dhoom for us as well!

  2. Snowbeak: Cool! We were much more involved with pool i think, it was too much fun trash talking the losers 😛

    Neeks: Hey Neeks! I totally know the feeling, but the great part about school is it does allow you to put things off for a while no? Suffering from a responsibility crisis @ work!

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