Are you proud of being Indian?

Its a pretty startling thing to get asked. Attribute an obnoxious dutch guy to the question and your hand is twitching to take that sucker punch. And run. Until you realise, he is thin and can probably run quicker than you. And your girlfriend is not around to protect you.

I have the privilege of being trained in an international centre usually with colleagues from over 40 nationalities. I’m often intensely embarrassed by the fact that I’m sitting next to a person and I cannot name a single city in their country. I’ve also found out that my company has operations in Burkinafaso where they also hire management trainees.

These incredibly smart people however cannot fathom the duality of being both Indian and a Singapore Permanent Resident. I keep getting asked if I’m Indian or Singaporean. Honestly, does it matter? And so far its only been the Singaporeans who’ve accepted what I am with no questions asked. Mebbe thats a triumph of the multicultural teaching in Singaporean schools or whatever the Govt. is calling it these days. Even the Indians call me “Pseudo-Indian”. Or get branded the “N.R.I” (non resident indian) with moral superiority that only true Indians can summon.

On this trip however, I was asked to talk about Indian culture and present the dance performances. And my ancestors were building cities 3000 years before the dutch golden age.


3 thoughts on “Are you proud of being Indian?”

  1. was it our beloved module mgr? nah, he’s not thin.
    anyways, you’re sushil and that’s what’s important babe. happy weekend 😀

  2. N wat r these lot of things???? Answer only if you want to keep away from assumptions…

    Btw…it seriously doesnt matter whether u r an indian or singaporean….a NRI…or …NRS…
    Wat matters is the person u r…whereever u r…

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