The Singing Butler

The Singing Butler

This is a wonderful painting by Jack Vettriano. A lot of my friends have heard me wax eloquent about it; I just love the way artist is telling this story. This link says a little bit more about the painting and the artist, Vettriano.

The detail of this painting blows my mind away. One of the first things I noticed was the handkerchief of the butler blowing in the wind. I just can’t figure out what message its supposed to convey. Someone said its supposed to indicate the direction of the wind which it very well could. This doesn’t satisfy me. Why would an artist go to such lengths to show the handkerchief? Its near the edges and you can argue that it takes away from the centerpiece of the painting.

I love the pose of the dancers. The posture is perfect and you can almost imagine the dance – smooth and flawless with swift, precise movements. The lady’s collarbones stand out as they would in such a position, her foot is tantalizingly perched and the depiction of the tension in the posture is amazing.

The setting of-course is magnificent. Dancing on the beach with a storm approaching. The help (am not sure this is the way the artist wants us to interpret it) watches “helplessly” ending up protecting themselves from the rain and wind rather than the dancers.

The dancers I’d like to imagine are lovers. They are taking advantage of that last moment before the storm.


4 thoughts on “The Singing Butler”

  1. >lady’s collarbones stand out as they would in such a position

    But it’s her shoulder blades that stand out
    Ok, being really nit-picky here :S


    I think art (music, dance, painting, sculpture, writing) is good when it reaches out and appeals to somebody. If it touches your heart, takes you to a different world, communicates something, it is good art.


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