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July 2, 2007

A weekend of debating and again I am surprised by how you are judged solely on your achievements. I guess its a little naive of me to expect this tournament to be any different. My heard bleeds for the workhorses though. They are not all flash and fury – there is calmness, substance and steely resolve. I wish more teams had workhorses – they are the true heroes.

I wonder sometimes if our style of debating is flawed. The over-emphasis on analysis doesn’t really seem to be yielding results. We need the kids to commit and to be taken to the pond. The thing though is that I am tending to lose faith in where we are leading them – Is that really the best way to get results? How does Ateneo do it so consistently? Sometimes its like there is a critical ingredient we are missing.

We do need a trainer. There are too many kids who deserve attention who are just crying out for direction. This move is so completely against NTU debate tradition though – I just can’t see a lot of our alumni backing it. It would take a lot of courage from the kids and the trainer to make it work. As if, coaching itself was that simple.


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