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So finally, I get the energy to write something non-cricket related. Or maybe is my inability to sleep the last few nights – wish I could detach the brain for a while.

Book that changed your life:  “Rwanda, A Season of Blood” (Fergal Keane) – it opened up a new world.

Book you’ve read more than once: Several. Recently its been “The Namesake” (Jhumpa Lahiri) and “Indian Summers” (John Wright) .

Book you would take to a deserted island : No idea – would probably depend upon what I was reading at the time I left for said island.

Book that made you laugh:  All the Bill Brysons, Dave Barrys and Wodehouses.

Book that made you cry want to kill yourself  : “God of Small Things (Arundhati Roy)” – within a page of reading it. Argh.

Book you wish you had written: “The Godfather” (Mario Puzo) – for its ability to make the reader visualize.

Book(s) you wish had never been written: “To kill a Mockingbird” (Harper Lee). Disturbing.

Book(s) you’re currently reading: Nothing – am living on a standard diet of cricket, entourage and mindless TV.

Book you’ve been meaning to read : “Until Proven Innocent” (Stuart Taylor, K.C. Johnson)

Book you have been meaning to finish :  Too many have fallen by the wayside – they have been victim of the ridiculously short attention span.


2 thoughts on “Tagged – by Nanni”

  1. Dost, its been hard to write anything. I started Nanni’s previous tag and left midway, infact my wordpress account is filled with blog posts that will never see the light.

    Anyway, World 20-20 champions eh? !

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