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Leopard: simplicity and eye candy

I’ve been a fanboy of Leopard since Steve Jobs introducted it at WWDC early this year. I was the small minority of mac fans who was angry that Leopard was delayed because of the iPhone. The changes sounded typically apple – they made things easier but so intuitive that you wonder where they were before. And ofcourse better looking. Cover flow, time machine, new finder, new dock, stacks – I was all set on pre-ordering a version. Unfortunately due to $ issues, that hasn’t worked out but I’ve placed an order with Monsieur Claus.

Whoever thought it would catch on as much as it has. Following a host of social networking sites – orkut, friendster et all this should have been in the same vein. Facebook has however empowered users to create apps on their own – yet another sign that people are taking to open source-ish stuff.

I predict facebooking is going to be a word – just like googling.


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