Islamic cars

Proton, Malaysia in partnership with Turkey and Iran is planning to build an Islamic car which will have a compass pointing to Mecca. The car will also have a compartment to house the Koran and prayer scarves.

So we have Islamic laws, Islamic banking, halal food joints and now Islamic cars. Even assuming this does have practical application (because God so far has been punishing believers who pray at a 5 degree error from the correct direction when they are on the road), is there a need to further divide on the basis of religion?

This reminds me of a story Mathew Perry narrates on Studio 60 about how black people used to flock to the sole black bartender in a pub when there were seven other white bartenders and the pub was in a predominantly black neighbourhood – because “hey, he is the one who knows how to mix the black drinks”. Am wondering if we will have cars that are truly Christian and endorsed by the Catholic Church or Hindu ones recommended by the local temple’s priest. (I’ve been watching ads on TV about a toothpaste thats “truly” vegetarian)

This is just a sad way for Proton to make money possibly because Malaysians are getting tired of subsidizing shitty cars. As Jeremy from Top Gear says “The last Proton I drove was something called the Impia. It was a very long journey and the car was so awful that – to be honest – I wanted to harm myself. ”

The worst part – I think this gimmick might actually work.


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