Sunday afternoon update

Holy Cow!

A book about an Australian living in India, who as a teen vows not to visit the country ever again. Although I’m only halfway through I think I might actually finish this one, as compared to last 200 odd that have died preemptive deaths. Its wonderfully witty and you can’t help but get completely involved with Sarah MacDonald’s life.

Music and Lyrics

Well, I’ve seen the movie three times in the last coupla weeks. Good comic timing and some corny romantic lines but fun movie overall. Perfect for the weekend when you don’t particularly want  a brain haemorrhage from  watching a movie.

 Oh oh, Pulau Besar Trip last weekend

Almost forgot about that. Beayootiful white beaches, clear water and good snorkeling. Good food too – it was even vegetarian friendly and perfect for a 3-day weekend.


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