Cricket, Indian-ness

Obnoxious Weed

Yet another cricketing tournament, yet another Harbhajan debacle. Cricinfo labels him the “the prime candidate to carry on India’s rich legacy in spin” but he is far from all that. While his bowling has improved in recent matches from his alterego “Bhajji, the flat ball thrower”, its his character that is lacking. This is particularly surprising considering his senior partner – Anil Kumble is the model of composure, statesmanship and respect.

His captaincy of the Mumbai Indians IPL team has been dodgy at best. His spat with Sreeshant (not exactly an angel himself) continues an ongoing problem as a hothead and his story seems more and more like a Shoaib Akhtar prequel. India would do well to drop him and pick someone like Piyush Chawla or Murali Karthik. They might be not be the proven performers but they definitely deserve and value their India caps more.


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