Endless rain into a paper cup

As my friends and I approach the quarter-century mark, the search for meaning has taken centre stage on life’s dashboard. We are all reasonably average guys, working in reasonably good jobs for reasonably good pay. Slowly but surely, the feeling that the current routine isn’t enough creeps up on you. Learn a new language some say or go cross-country biking while others dabble in charity but these seem like mere diversions. Meet new people is the other common clutch though the wisdom shared with inebriated strangers on fri evenings is as enlightening as the sat hangover.

And if yeh dil maange even more, is there a different route from the get married-have kids-take responsibility bandwagon?

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan in this ( brilliant piece talks about how his group of 20-something friends are going through a career crisis due to the phasing out of the fab five of Indian cricket. A close friend talks about how some couples have taken the nosedive into marriage while we are only left with broken hearts. Facebooking is the new excuse for keeping in touch with friends and travelling to more countries than your peers is ‘the’ excuse to be snobbish.

More and more, we find meaning in the lyrics of songs. Surely, these doped-up inspired souls can give us direction. Nothings gonna change my world sing the Beatles. Satisfaction achieved.


5 thoughts on “Endless rain into a paper cup”

  1. Haha, as much as certain people think differently, i believe the generations are the same 🙂

    I suspect i might end up taking the stereotypical route but i’d just like more options avaiable.

  2. I still love the way you write. You are cool. :p

    Next time you use travel as an excuse to be snobbish (whatever that means, lol)– find time to drop by the Philippines. Our traffic misses you. And I do too!

    Take care Sushil. And say hello to your friend Ishara. 🙂

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