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Exploring Goa

December 29, 2008

I remember receiving the call from my friend earlier this year saying “I’d really like you to come to Goa in the next couple of years”. Clueless as I usually am, I assumed that her inner craziness had finally taken over only to realise later that she was infact going to school there for a while.

So, it was a relatively easy choice for a short trip this time. We took a bus from Hyderabad to Goa for a weekend getaway in between ‘mas and the new year. We expected Goa to be full of crazy rastas, happy foreigners and wannabes. Instead, we stumbled onto a rather sleepy town with a penchant for colourful houses (bright purple and orange!) and shady palm trees. Liberal expanses of river and the unique Portugese architecture just make you want to quit your job and settle down here with a shack on a small patch of land, drink toddy and be happy.

We made a conscious choice to stay away from the stereotypical which probably explains the lack of encounters with hippies. The body searches, strict security and ban on beach parties this year was also probably a big factor though. So, we ended up with a very chilled out trip the highlight of which was Chapora fort of Dil Chahta Hai  fame. We made the short, steep climb up the hill relatively easily and were treated to a scintillating view and sunrise. It was just the three of us for most part which sets it apart from overcrowded, overhyped sunrise/sunset points around the world. This was simply special.


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  1. Its kind of surprising to myself sometimes that I’ve never visited Goa despite having lived in Mumbai for as long as I had.

    “Liberal expanses of river and the unique Portugese architecture just made you want to quit your job and settle down here with a shack on a small patch of land, drink toddy and be happy.”

    This post now makes me want to change that 🙂

  2. Hey! Yep, Goa is definitely a place to visit. My friend and I were also surprised that we didnt make it there during all the years we lived in India.

    You’re in NYC now?

  3. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since I went to Goa (and almost drowned and died, but a story for another time that)despite being from Bombay …

    I love places where you can do nothing touristy.. it feels like a real vacation unlike others where you’re still on agenda each day and expected to accomplish stuff … sigh… i want!

  4. wow unpred. thats some story. yes, off the beaten track rocks!

  5. How much do you think it costs to buy that shack and a lifetime supply of toddy? Do you think I’d have enough to go do it today?

  6. Penguin: If you did have the cash, would you do it right away?

  7. yep Sushil…been in NYC for the last 2 (!!!) years. Time flies, doesn’t it? Stay real dude, like you’ve always been.

  8. If I had money to pay back the humungous-size-of-Jupiter loan and still had the cash, why not? Or so I think. 🙂

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