Guerilla Warfare

Che Guevara’s very own manual to lead and fight in a guerilla war is a wonderful read. The crisp writing style displays a clarity of thought that is refreshing in times where books tend to be overly complicated. Its only the pictures of the rifle-molotov-cocktails and the like that make you realise that this was truly meant to be a survival manual. The book hooks you in and makes you empathise with the hardships, purpose and discipline that is commonplace in a guerilla troop.

There are couple of sections that I particularly liked; Che talks about how women are no less resistant than men in guerilla warfare though they tend to be weaker. He argues that women play an extraordinary importance in the battle and that their role needs to be acknowledged in an atmosphere where they tend to be underestimated.

The last section is an epilogue which describes the situation in Cuba. The writing transforms – it becomes so much more powerful with a passion and a strength of conviction that tends to scare. This section is a fitting end to an amazing piece of work from a revolutionary.


2 thoughts on “Guerilla Warfare”

  1. Sounds very interesting. Will be on my reading list for sure now. Just saw motorcycle diaries the other day on a long flight. Its never easy to portray the evolution of a such a powerful character through his youth without dramatizing this experiences, and the movie managed to do just that.

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