When Dolphins Cry

We discovered Sri Lanka over the Easter break. 5 days, 1300 km, animals and insects galore and non-stop drama. We drove till there was no tomorrow, saw ‘wild’ dolphins and tame elephants, pointed at monkeys and rescued kids and pickup trucks. Obviously, it was smashing.

The dolphins were absolutely breathtaking. I knew that we were going to see them but watching them oh so close to the boat, playing with the small wake behind and witnessing air jumps was an out of body experience. We were lucky enough to catch almost three dozen of them all around. If only, we could have swum with them.

Sri Lanka is an amazing country but its odd that there is such unequivocal support for the war. Mahinda Rajapaksha stares down at you from almost every road corner and streetside eatery and you hear nothing but good things about him. Perhaps it was because we only spoke to the Sinhalese or maybe its a form of banding together to show support to the army (although history doesn’t really support that)?


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