Sungai Yong

Pristine waterfalls are hard to come by so we were thrilled when we found one this weekend. Sungai Yong, off Gunung Belumut offers up a good campsite after a relatively straightforward two hour trek. A series of seven waterfalls await you, each with an inviting emerald pool. The highlight of the trip however is the final waterfall. It is a stunning sight, cascading from over 75m and flanked by rock facades and equatorial forest. Trekking there is quite tricky though and after a morning shower, it was slippery and infested with leeches. We also had several tubes of insect repellant, salt and lighters to tackle leeches but being the smart people we are, we ended up leaving all of it at the campsite.

Highly recommended for a weekend trip – if you are lucky then you will be the only campers there. We did meet some interesting people on the trek upto the campsite though, an old man with a machete the size of a tree and carrying a fresh kill : porcupine.


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