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Quirky Genius

September 13, 2009

Quirky : Came across this today in my usual trolling of Apple stuff and though it was awesomely cool (expect the 99$ a pop). Basically, it works like this : contribute your idea by paying 99$. the community comments and develops it further. if it works, then you sell it online and split the proceeds. I don’t know if this site is any good but the concept itself is stunning.

iTunes Genius : Love it completely. The new itunes version seems to have done something to fix the bugs of old. The playlists based on songs are really good and the genius mixes are a total surprise (prob coz i havent figured out how to check whats in the mix?)


From → oomph, Tech

  1. Wow, I think the Scratch ‘n Scroll idea on the website is quite cool. I also want.

  2. hehe yeah. i dont know if id use it much though and if ure near a computer cant u just use textedit?

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