Milestones are always weird. They make you a think a little more than you should and ofcourse you give in, evaluating the time spent often in tangibles. But when the three years of working for a company have been all about the intangible its a little tough to write something coherent. It probably wouldnt have been coherent anyway since I’m writing this half asleep while waiting to catch a flight.

A lot of my friends are looking for a way out from Singapore which seems a little strange. Another close one recently left for London. Despite spending seven years here I dont despise it as much. In fact, I quite like the place. Changi has this feeling of stepping back into home, the familiar. Despite all the incredibly irritating things in Singapore (people on the MRT, move to the CENTRE!), it has always been possible to have fun and find peace of mind. I still discover new places, recently found what looked and felt like a Victorian quarter with cobblestone streets and all walking distance from work.


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