Back from a whirlwind trip of India where I had the chance to show my friends the land of my ancestors. What struck me most was the capacity of the country to invoke the most varied of reactions from them. Pure joy, disgust, disbelief, shock, satisfaction – it was all there and oodles of it on a daily basis. The utter chaos of the places we visited overwhelmed most of them but there were moments that make you fall in love with India over and over again.

– Schoolgirls at the Qutub Minar all running up to my blond and blue-eyed friend to shake her hand and chorusing “hello, how are you?” with a half shy-half happy look.

– Phoolwalas in the market opposite Hawa Mahal in Jaipur trying to outbid each other by giving away red roses to the pretty girl who was passing by.

There were ample cases of not so nice gestures too but I’d rather be in a country where both exist rather than neither.


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