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Pardonnez à mes lèvres car elles trouvent de la joie dans les lieux les plus étranges.

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Interpreting the Namesake

Poignant and funny, intelligent and awkward, this is one of the rare books that has been made into a wonderful movie. It tends to make an even deeper impression if you identify with the protagonist. Googol is unlucky enough to be subjected to a name that he doesn’t understand or like. He is stifled by Indian culture and incessant fraternising with fellow Bengali families.

Mira Nair paints the screen with the rich hues of Indian life often in sharp contrast with the American way. Gogol grapples with his parents’ overtly Indian lifestyle, resents his shared heritage with an eccentric author and eventually embraces ordinary life in the States. Ashoke’s death is a cruel reminder of his duties – to his family and to himself.


Blood Diamond

Its a brilliant movie because it seamlessly combines the masala of a commercial flick and the important story of conflict diamonds. A gripping plot, wonderful acting by DiCaprio and Hounsou, a ravishing Connelly and mindblowing locales make it an utterly entertaining film. The scenes of mindless violence, indoctrination of child soldiers and utter immorality (“TIA, Danny”) are beautifully crafted to depict the reality of Sierra Leone.

You’ll probably never ever buy a diamond though.


Rang de Basanti: “A generation awakens”

The slogan of the movie sets high targets. It doesn’t live up to it in any sense of the word.Don’t get me wrong, it was a pretty interesting movie. And not a bad one to watch. It definitely isn’t the awakening of a generation.


The message of the movie is that if you are disillusioned with the “system” in India then killing a politician is the solution. Please do not even try to change it by running for elections or trying any other measures (Ayitha Ezhuthu/Yuva is about winning a seat in parliament to combat politicians gone bad). Do get a gun and shoot the guy responsible. And ensure you get caught so that you can make a political statement of the kind that Bhagat Singh and the revolutionaries did (British rule is analogous, stupid!)

I hate the movie for this message. How is it supposed to be inspiring young people if murdering people is the only solution to end corruption? It doesn’t ask the youth to emulate role models like Kiran Bedi or the scores of people using legitimate methods.
It legitimizes people taking the law into their own hands (Yeah, people do this sometimes eg: vigilante justice in America).

Are the stupid people going to take this movie’s message and start murdering politicians?
Maybe…maybe not. (The kid jumping off a roof thinking he can fly like Shaktimaan is can’t be a good sign though).

But the “colour of patriotism (Rang de Basanti)” is certainly not about murder.


Batman Begins: A review

Caught the sneak preview at JP yesterday. Its probably the best of the batman movies and by far the one thats true to the comic book (or so im told). The basic plot has issues though. It tries to make a fantasy seem real. I mean Batman is, for all practical purposes a fantasy. So when they talk about microwave whatevers which can vaporise all water and amazing fibre which can make batman fly, it seems far fetched. I would rather they just make it fantasy, dont try and explain the batmobile or any of the other things. The league of shadows was also another interesting aspect. A mysterious force of a few men that destroys cities once they are corrupt and full of crime is again slightly hard to take in.

The movie is entertaining though. Its got the basic elements and if youre a DC comics fan then the movie is a must watch. Christian Bale is a good actor and does justice to his role. Katie Holmes is a token love interest and doesnt do much in the film. Alfred, played by Michael Caine also turns in an impressive performance. So overall, not a bad movie to watch but if you dont have the cash you wouldnt be missing much.