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Quirky Genius

Quirky : Came across this today in my usual trolling of Apple stuff and though it was awesomely cool (expect the 99$ a pop). Basically, it works like this : contribute your idea by paying 99$. the community comments and develops it further. if it works, then you sell it online and split the proceeds. I don’t know if this site is any good but the concept itself is stunning.

iTunes Genius : Love it completely. The new itunes version seems to have done something to fix the bugs of old. The playlists based on songs are really good and the genius mixes are a total surprise (prob coz i havent figured out how to check whats in the mix?)



Well for the loyal solitary reader of my blog – here is the next post 🙂

Leopard: simplicity and eye candy

I’ve been a fanboy of Leopard since Steve Jobs introducted it at WWDC early this year. I was the small minority of mac fans who was angry that Leopard was delayed because of the iPhone. The changes sounded typically apple – they made things easier but so intuitive that you wonder where they were before. And ofcourse better looking. Cover flow, time machine, new finder, new dock, stacks – I was all set on pre-ordering a version. Unfortunately due to $ issues, that hasn’t worked out but I’ve placed an order with Monsieur Claus.

Whoever thought it would catch on as much as it has. Following a host of social networking sites – orkut, friendster et all this should have been in the same vein. Facebook has however empowered users to create apps on their own – yet another sign that people are taking to open source-ish stuff.

I predict facebooking is going to be a word – just like googling.


New Technology

Sitting here in Temasek Poly on a 5 year old Windows NT computer has made me realise how important it is to have a fast computer. And why people with faster computers can’t be the only ones buying my company’s software? Right opposite is a lab with 21inch plasma screens. While I am sitting here twiddling my thumbs on an excruciatingly slow computer. This, after working on an AMD Opteron(64 bit) dual processor system with 2gig ram. Bloody Hell.